About Leo


The Beginnings

 I was born and raised in Brampton Ontario spending my youth and teen years playing rep hockey and learning the value of hard work, teamwork, building relationships, and having fun while doing it. 

 After going to College in Sudbury Ontario. I entered the work force while learning what adult life was all about. I tried a variety of jobs, before realizing I needed to do some soul searching and find what was truly satisfying to me.  

Realizing my passion

After going through a short period of time soul searching I realized I was truly at my happiest in an atmosphere where I would be able to be social and help people. I did more digging on what careers would be available to me and I decided to get into the wonderful world of sales.

Journey with Sales

Real Estate became a significant interest of mine. I explored the idea of getting into real estate early in my adult life but decided to take a slightly different path and find my sales style first.

I pushed my comfort zone to the max and took a position with an air purifier company who sold in home units door to door. I worked there for 2 weeks and had basically no success. (1 Sale... Thanks Mom and Dad!) I did find that if I took a friendly approach I was able to win many people over however people still didn't buy something they didn't need.

From there I moved to a life in the car business.  The first few months were difficult. I worked at Gus Brown in Whitby for 3 months before being let go for lack of sales. I took a position at another dealership for 2 weeks before I found my home at Royal Chevrolet Cadillac in Orangeville Ontario.

Days in the Car Business

Royal Chevrolet was a place I called home for nearly 8 years. This is where I was able to learn a style of selling that worked for me. I learned that If I took a laid back approach and tried to make people feel as comfortable as possible I was able to earn people's trust and help sell over 800 vehicles in my time there. 

At Royal I learned the true value of customer service and learned from some great people around me how to assist customers in a way where customers wanted to deal with me above anyone else. I was also able to grow and matured which allowed me to meet the woman of my dreams my wife Cassandra,  get our first pet a Boxer named Chevy, get our first home, and even obtain a rental property in Collingwood Ontario.

In my time at the dealership I met many wonderful people and was part of a family that made going to work not feel like working at all which made the time fly. In time the grind that comes with working at the dealership became to much and it was time to make another move. 

Transition to Real Estate

Since my bond with my Royal Family was so strong it made it very difficult to leave. After a period of going back on fourth I hit a point where I realized I needed to change for myself and my family.  I took a leap of faith and started my real estate courses becoming licensed in January 2020. 

In Real Estate I am using everything I've learned prior in life to provide a smooth experience for my customers giving them the service I would expect to receive (sometimes even better). 

Personal notes

Currently My Beautiful Wife Cassandra and I live in Arthur Ontario. We live with our boxer Chevy, our black and white cat named Oreo, and our corn snake Cornelius. We spend the majority of our free time together enjoying as much of life as we possibly can. Together we enjoy playing with the animals, visiting friends and family which spread from Collingwood to Owen Sound and down into Niagara Region, and watching a variety of sports... Ok that one is more my passion but Cas is learning to enjoy it too!

Thanks for taking the time to learn a little about me. I'd love to hear about you and assist you with any of your real estate needs moving forward. Please don't hesitate to reach out and I will provide the best assistance I can!

Your Realtor Friend..

Leo Walls