Leo's Buying Process



The first step in the process is to connect and get to know each other. During this initial consultation, I will go over what my duties to you would be as a Realtor, we will discuss your wants and needs are for a new home, set out a plan to prepare for what you're going to experience, and make sure we're on the same page so we can work towards finding the perfect home for you!

Find Suitable Properties

This step is usually the most fun part of the process! I will do my search and provide you with properties that fit your needs. We will narrow down to what you feel will be best for you. Visit some properties, visit some open houses, all while working to find a home that will suit your needs!

Handling Offers

Making an offer can be the most stressful part. Your hopes are high, you're excited, you're feeling anxious, you might be overwhelmed with everything to come. This is where I step in. I will work with you to be sure we include any appropriate conditions, and we prepare an offer that will best suit your needs. I will answer any questions you have and use my experiences to handle any negotiations for you.

Navigate Conditions

Navigating conditions is where everything starts coming into full focus. Through this part of the process I will help organize and work with you to cross off any conditions that are set.

Prepare for closing

In this step we will keep in touch and make sure you have everything in place for closing day. I will provide you with resources to make sure you have everything covered.  From changing your addresses, to setting up movers, meeting with the necessary people to finish off any paperwork. We finish off with the final walk through shortly before closing to to make sure everything is ready to complete this exciting purchase!

Closing and Moving Day

This is the day you get your keys and all your friends are ready to help you make the move! We will be in touch to make sure everything runs smoothly and the property was left in the condition you expected it to be when you took possession of your new home.


By this point I'm available to help you with anything you might need moving forward but my services are complete, and you're ready for your house warming party with your family and friends.. Don't forget your favourite Realtor too!

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