Leo's Selling Process


Property Introduction

The first step in the process is really 2 quick steps. The first is the introduction where you will show me your property and highlight any key selling features that we should focus on. The next part is where I will present you with my listing presentation to show you the services I offer. We will work together to address any questions or concerns you might have and make sure we customize the approach in a way that will work to get you the best value for what you're selling.


This step is designed to allow you to prepare anything you need to get in line before actively marketing your property. Whether it be cleaning, small renovations, large renovations, or even just simply de-cluttering and depersonalizing your home I will be with you to provide you with guidance and the resources necessary to achieve our goal of selling your home.

Marketing your property

Once your property is prepared, we will start the marketing process. This is when we will have professional photography done to ensure the best vision for the future buyer of your home. We will make sure as many eyes as possible can see the property and make sure that we find a new owner.

Showing Property

Unlike the fun of looking for houses this is one of the more frustrating parts of the selling process. During this step you will need to provide flexibility to allow access to potential buyers of your property. We will work with your schedule as best as possible and provide you with appropriate notice before showings so you can make any arrangements necessary.

Reviewing Offers and Negotiating

Receiving offers can be quite overwhelming especially if you end up in a multiple offer scenario. This is where I will help you fully understand the offers you're getting. This way you can decide what offer works best. Having a buffer zone for negotiations is the best strategy. Emotions are high and negotiations can get tense. I will be your buffer zone. Negotiating large purchases has been my life since 2011 and I will use my experience to help find a win/win scenario, which is the best way to ensure a smooth closing.

Handling Conditions

Once we negotiate a deal you're happy with I will handle the acceptance and inform you of any dates necessary moving forward. We will work together to make sure we cross off any conditions and make the deal firm!

Prepare to Move

In this part I will keep you informed of important dates and make sure we address everything we need to make sure we are prepared to make the closing date and eliminate any hiccups!

Closing Day

The final step is to complete your move. Again, I will provide any resources and guidance necessary to try and help your move go as smooth as possible. I will keep in touch on closing day to ensure you know what to do and what to expect.

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